Get to Know the Park

Beneath the Postojna Cave Park's surface lies a wonderful subterranean world abundant with unusual sculptures and animals. And not far from the cave, above the surface, you can admire Predjama Castle and its surrounding area steeped in history.

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The Underground World

Follow the River Pivka winding its way under the surface of the earth and spend a day in a completely different, yet wonderful underground world of passages, halls and galleries abundant with cave formations.

Stories Brimming with History

Predjama Castle - picturesque, mysterious and brimming with legends - has found its place among the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest cave castle.

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Nature and Fauna

Darkness, moisture and the cold - special living conditions as a result of which cave-dwelling animals have evolved in their unique ways. Get to know the olm and other indigenous inhabitants of the underground world at the Vivarium Proteus.

How About an Overnight Stay

Have a look at a wide range of accommodation options in the area and find a place to stay.

Travelling with pets

If you are travelling with a pet, you can, for the duration of the tour, leave it one of our comfortably equipped kennels, in the shaded part of the park near the Modrijan Mill or behind the Hotel Jama. The dogs are not allowed in the cave, but the kennel services are free of charge.

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EXPO Postojna Cave Karst

Formation of the cave world is a combination of a number of exceptional occurrences and coincidences. Visit the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst and see the highly informative exhibitions and historical evidence about the cave formation and life.

Food and Beverage Establishments

During your all-day adventure, you are bound to get hungry. Choose among the various food and beverage establishments located within the Postojna Cave Park.

Event organisers

Are you organizing a conference, a reception, a business gathering or a private celebration? The Postojna Cave provides a perfect setting for an unforgettable experience that all the people participating in it are bound to remember for years to come.

Postojna Cave Blues Festival

The Postojna Cave stage provides the venue for blues concerts year after year. The Jamski Dvorec Mansion of Postojna Cave has hosted over 600 world-famous musicians from all around the world. A genuine music experience for all blues aficionados.

Living Nativity Scene inside Postojna Cave

During the festive season, the biblical scenes representing the birth of Jesus have been staged annually in the most beautiful halls and galleries of Postojna Cave for two decades.

Erazem's Knight Tournament

One of the greatest and best-known medieval events in the region featuring over 200 costumed knights and other characters related to the castle's history.

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To Keep the Memories Alive

In addition to the souvenir trinkets that will keep the memory of the Postojna Cave Park alive for years to come, the souvenir shops also sell a large variety of Slovenian products.