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Experience the world of cave explorers. You can see the more challenging passages, tunnels and water obstacles in small groups guided by experienced cave guides. Is this giving you itchy feet? Book your tour dates.

Following in the Footsteps of Luka Čeč

In 1818, Luka Čeč discovered the previously unexplored part of Postojna Cave. Follow in the footsteps of the great explorer and discover the shadowy tunnels and unfamiliar paths. But beware, the conditions call for a great deal of resourcefulness.

The Postojna Cave System

Were you tempted to find out what was hiding in the passages you passed on foot or on the train during your visit to the Postojna Cave? Get to know the hidden beauty of the Postojna Cave: see the cave pearls of the Small Caves

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The Predjama Cave System

Three separate tours are available that are not part of regular tours of the Cave under Predjama Castle. Tours of the Erazem's Passage and the East Passage have been designed for more daring visitors; also available is a guided walk to the Wind Hole.

Pivka Cave and Black Cave

The Pivka Cave and the Black Cave are the final two caves along the subterranean Pivka River before the river finally disappears and resurfaces in the Planina Cave.

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Otok Cave

Owing to its unique beauty, Otok Cave has in the past often been the location of film productions by both Slovene and foreign filmmakers.