Families with children

Families with children are kindly invited to pay us a visit, but beware: children might keep on talking about the wonderful things they have seen for months after the visit!

Family Adventure

A mighty iron gate is leading into the darkness. Even the first few steps inside the cave are mysterious and special. It is warmer than outside, humid, and a drop of water falling on your head may surprise you time and again. A ride aboard a cave train leads you through the cave areas where emperors used to dance, through the narrow slits between dripstones, passing secret cave paths and rock layers, which reveal millions of years in the history of our planet. They hide the traces of Neanderthals, cave bear skulls, the teeth of prehistoric animals. Hidden crevices, partisan trenches, bridges over precipices and the concert hall, where somebody's singings can be heard at all times. You carry on further into the darkness inhabited by special animals. Some of them you can see nowhere else in the world but here. Most likely hidden under a stone in the water, keeping company to the pale crabs and spiders, there is a pale dragon-like creature with two red bows on its neck – the olm. 

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At present, Postojna Cave is celebrating and taking extra care of one of the seven olms which live in the cave aquarium. This particular female olm is on the way of becoming a mom. She has attached its one and only egg on the glass wall of the aquarium. If you are respectful and kind to these extraordinary animals, they will show you a galaxy in this tiny white egg. They have 6 senses and although they have no eyes, they are able to see and hear you very well, and even feel your body.

And bear in mind: if you see a stalactite hanging from a ceiling, you can be sure there is another, smaller one, on the ceiling not far from it, almost like a reflection. It seems everything is turned upside down. As if the time did not exist. Here, there is no limit to children's imagination. 

Around the Cave on board a Train

The Postojna Cave train has been taking visitors around the cave for 140 years. Its 3.7-kilometre long journey begins at the train-boarding platform of the unique cave railway, where – especially in the summer – a lot of hustle and bustle is present, the kind that is otherwise typical of...

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The Subterranean World

Can you imagine children's laughter when you tell them that the next stop, right around the corner, is the Spaghetti Hall? Timeless sculptures and magnificent subterranean halls of Postojna Cave never fail to dazzle our young visitors and make a lasting impression they will remember for years to come. Each tour lasts about an hour and a half. The temperature inside the cave ranges between 8 and 10 °C, so make sure you will feel comfortable by bringing suitable clothing and footwear. The subterranean world is so special it almost feels as if it is part of a fairy-tale. A fairy-tale that features dragons, well, actually baby dragons. Children's eyes will no doubt light up when they catch sight of the baby dragons, which is the nickname given to young olms back in the day.

Olms were believed to be the baby dragons brought onto the surface of the earth by the high waters out. But you will probably only get to see them in Vivarium Proteus.

However, describing olms as baby dragons is actually not really a far cry from the correct scientific description; in fact, this description suits the olm with its physical characteristics adapted to the conditions it live in just fine. Olms share their habitat with about 150 animal species, such as spiders, butterflies, interesting beetles, aquatic snails, bats and other animals, which you can see at the Vivarium

Postojna Cave Open throughout the Year

Between May and October, cave tours are held every hour, and in the off season three to four times daily. Tours take about an hour and a half, which gives you a perfect opportunity to see other sights within the Postojna Cave Park during the rest of the day.

Knights and Castles

A must for the little warriors! Bring them into the world of castle owners with a tour of the Predjama Castle, where they can see, among other things, a knight's room full of knights' armour and tools, and learn about the legend of Erazem of Predjama, the most famous local knight. Another equally impressive thing are the hidden passages located in the Cave under Predjama Castle. The legend has it that the knights and other castle inhabitants used it to get supplied with food and drinks during the period when the castle was besieged. 

A World-Famous Tourist Attraction

Slovenia boasts a number of world-famous tourist attractions. Its 11,000 caves make it a country on two floors and the Dinaric Karst has been nominated for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. No wonder Lonely Planet has included Postojna Cave on its list of 500 top world sights. 

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Fascinating Exhibitions

The EXPO Postojna Cave Karst exhibition features a fascinating presentation of extreme events and a series of coincidences that have shaped karst caves and other karst features. The photographic exhibition Butterflies of the World presents the colourful world of butterflies, and the exhibition Life within a Billion Years retells the...

An Adventure and Relaxation for Everyone

The Postojna Cave Park is a place for adventures and experiences, as well as relaxation after a tiring journey to Postojna.

The park is accessible to everyone. You can visit it with a buggy or a wheelchair; the footpaths and the ramps are adapted to buggy and wheelchair users. If a pram or a wheelchair is foldable, you are more than welcome to load it on the cave train.

The car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the cave and is accessible throughout the day. Also available is a caravan park, where you can spend the night and use all the necessary connections for the services available to motor home owners.

The Postojna Cave Info Centre is located at the entrance to Postojna Cave. The Info Centre will provide you with all the info needed for a pleasant trip and free Wi-Fi access is also available.

If you are looking for something to eat or drink, stop at the restaurants Briljant or Magdalena Food & Fun, located right next to the Info Centre, where you can treat yourself to a buffet, pizzas, sweet treats, coffee and also check the news via free internet access.

If you are travelling with a pet, you can, for the duration of the tour, leave it one of our comfortably equipped kennels, in the shaded part of the park near the Modrijan Mill. And after the tour, you can take your pet for a nice walk around the interesting Karst area surrounding the cave. A full-day excursion to the Postojna Cave Park is a pleasure and relaxation for the entire family.

Food and Beverage Establishments

During your all-day adventure, you are bound to get hungry. Choose among the various food and beverage establishments located within the Postojna Cave Park.

How About an Overnight Stay

Have a look at a wide range of accommodation options in the area and find a place to stay.